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Episode 7 [Boat Larceny] Progress

2007-07-19 00:12:50 by CharleyManic

In an attempt to make good use of these redesign shenanigans- I'll be trying to post some Lemon and Karl progress updates peppered with incoherent ramblings.

Episode 7 is coming along smoothly- The script is finished, the voices are all done and the I'm about halfway through the background art. Boat Larceny might seem like the worst title in long and proud history of the title, but compare it to the working title in my notebook margin notes:

"Boat Theft??? I should name this"

That's right, now Boat Larceny sounds like a stroke of brilliance... or like a brisk stroll through thesaurus town...

Cobra Justice seemed to go over pretty smoothly, and we got to have the honor of being amongst the inaugural batch of movies on the front page immediately following the redesign. Granted, we were taken down about three hours later- but the transformers collab took our spot and I have to admit it deserved the space more than Cobra Justice.

According to the storyboards, these next few are supposed to have a bit more action in them. However, healthy doses of procrastination and distraction should be able to distill it down to Karl throwing a stapler. (maybe even at a guy!)

I shall now attempt to wash this uncomfortable news post down with some nifty boat larceny concept art.

Episode 7 [Boat Larceny] Progress


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2008-03-14 09:43:40

Is there a guess on when it will be out? I've been looking forward to this for a long time.


2008-03-23 10:13:22

cool! i cant wait to see it! and is that evil lemon with ambition robot?


2008-11-28 22:38:40

wow, it's been a while since i last saw lemon and karl. you still workin on this> i hope you are, but there's no way in telling and it's been over a year, so my guess is no... that's disapointing.... but what can you do?


2009-10-23 14:39:13

If I could I would vote for you to have your own place on the Series page. Lemon and Karl are very entertaining and your series is the type of thing I will want to watch again and again.

(Updated ) CharleyManic responds:

Thanks very much, that's the ideal response I hope for when I'm working on these cartoons.


2009-10-26 17:20:37

Damn it's good to see you active again. Is there a chance for more Lemon and Karl in the future, or was this a just finish what you've got type thing? I love the series and would really hope to see more, after all, how can you not love a series with a fruit that turns to Hitler for advice of conscience?

CharleyManic responds:

This did start as a just finish what I've got type of thing, but I forgot how much I enjoy doing it. Chances of seeing more of Lemon and Karl are quite good at this point.


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