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Episode Eight Announcement

2009-10-29 17:22:14 by CharleyManic

After what turned out to be a couple of years- Boat Larceny is finally out. If you have yet to watch it-

watch it now.

In the two years that episode seven was left unfinished the name was changed and then changed back, a two minute ghost pirate monologue was added and then cut, and an epic super elaborate fight scene was animated and then pulled completely. I have no idea why any of these things happened.

Episode eight is half written and with any luck will be released just a tad faster than episode seven. I've got rough ideas sketched out for the next few episodes.

I've also made some decent progress on the art for a possible Lemon and Karl game. The problem is that I'm currently in need of a programmer and have no idea how to go about finding one...

I need to start using these news posts more frequently... but I won't.


Episode Eight Announcement


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2009-12-27 01:38:34

Nice episode, make sure to keep them coming.